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40+ Years Of Experience In Crystal Music Instrument

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Who we are

Crystal singing bowl craft inheritance

Dorhymi’s factory is situated in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China, renowned as a prime manufacturing hub for glass products in the country, boasting a robust supply chain and advanced production technology. The factory’s lineage traces back to its predecessor, which exclusively crafted glass products for the President of China. Five years ago, we founded Dorhymi with the vision of harmonizing beauty akin to the musical notes Do, Re, Mi, thereby aiming to become the frontrunner in the glass musical instrument industry. Our commitment has borne fruit as we now supply over half of the glass singing bowls and handpan dealers across China. Dorhymi aspires to extend its services to music enthusiasts worldwide, aiming to deliver value beyond

Chinese Crystal Singing Bowl Supplying Solution

Practice with the healing power of crystal singing bowls. Explore our collection and embark on a journey of self-discovery, serenity, and spiritual growth.

Our history

How Dorhymi was born

In the past, I used to thrive on tackling intense workloads within short timeframes, often leaving myself stressed and anxious. However, I’ve since experienced significant personal growth.

My journey took a transformative turn when I discovered sound healing. From the moment I first encountered it, the mesmerizing rhythm enveloped me, momentarily shaking my body before bringing forth a profound sense of calm and stability. With each session, the tension dissipated, replaced by a newfound tranquility that defies description.

Embracing sound healing has been a game-changer for me. It not only alleviates my negative emotions but also empowers me with newfound strength. Music therapy, with its gentle, soothing flow, has become an indispensable source of relaxation in my life.

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