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chakra design

clear with design

gold design


frosted with design

frosted with gold design.png

frosted crystal singing bowl with gold design

frosted with follower design.png

frosted with follower design

titianium plated.png

titianium plated crystal singing bowl

glossy matte titanium.png

glossy matte titanium

lacquer with design.png

lacquer crystal singing bowl with design

titanium plated and design.png

titanium plated and design

titanium plated plus lacquer.png

titanium plated plus lacquer

applique with frosted titanium plated.png

applique with frosted titanium plated

gold plated.png

gold plated crystal singing bowl

frosted with gold drawing.png

frosted with gold drawing

frosted plus titanium with design.png

frosted plus titanium with design

titan plated plus lacquer with design.png

titan plated plus lacquer with design

gold plated with design.png

gold plated with design

applique with frosted gold plated.png

applique with frosted gold plated

titanium plated with gold drawing.png

titanium plated with gold drawing

titianium plated plus gold plated.png

titianium plated plus gold plated

titanium plus gold with design.png

titanium plus gold with design

applique with double gold plated.png

applique with double gold plated

colorful frosted bowl.png

colorful frosted crystal singing bowl


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Dorhymi is constantly researching technology and design, aiming to provide a satisfactory service and make the meditation related product stand out. 

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